Worlds Awaiting, BYU Radio Interview, PT. 2

“Tallulah decided she’d better pay attention.

She watched closely.

She turned her feet and curved her hands near her hips in first position.

She bent her knees in a plié. She did it perfectly.

I am an excellent ballerina, she thought.”

Hundreds of children know and love this story about Tallulah, a young ballet student, although, it may be new to you. Today we’ll acquaint ourselves with the author of the book series, “Tallulah.” Her name is Marilyn Singer.  She’s known for touching a variety of subjects in her books – from animals to schools to aliens! She has also invented a thing-a-ma-jig that she calls a “reverso” poem. Singer is the winner of the 2015 National Council of Teachers of English Award for Excellence in Poetry. She has over 100 books to her credit.

Listen to the interview here.

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