Forthcoming Books

WHO NAMED THEIR PONY MACARONI? (Disney-Hyperion, 2019)

Poems about presidential pets.  Illustrated by Ryan McAmis.

BUG DIPPING, BUG SIPPING (Simon & Schuster/Spotlight, 2020)

A short book on different insects and spiders.  Illustrated by Lucy Semple.


Poems about more than food.  Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman.

BEST DAY EVER! (Clarion, 2020)

Are this dog and human  really having the best day ever?  A picture book.  Illustrated by Leah Nixon.

DOG SAYS, CAT SAYS (Dial, 2021)

How do dogs and cats see the world?  Spend a day with them!  A picture book.  Illustrated by Sonia Sanchez.

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