TOUGH BEGINNINGS: How Baby Animals Survive
Illustrated by: Anna Vojtec
Published by: Holt, 2001
Awards: National Science Teachers Association/Children's Book Council Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students, 2002. Skipping Stones Honor Award Book for 2002. Society of School Librarians International Best Book for Science for 2001.
Copyright © Marilyn Singer 2001

Tough Beginnings: How Baby Animals Survive


It’s tough to begin on the beaches,

It’s tough to begin in the seas.

It’s hard to hang on to your mother,

It’s hard to jump out of the trees.

It’s rough to have too many siblings,

It’s rough when you’re born in a mound.

It’s not easy when Dad wants to eat you,

It’s not easy to hide underground.

It’s trouble to hatch where it’s frozen,

It’s trouble to hatch where it’s dry.

It’s tricky to search for a safe pouch,

It’s tricky to grow wings and fly.

Human babies can’t do much,

But we grow up soon enough.

For other kinds of youngsters,

Life’s a lot more tough!