Illustrated by: Gary Drake
Published by: Holt, 1995
Copyright © Marilyn Singer 1995

The Morgans Dream



The words
all mumbly jumbly
are not her own
No matter how hard she tries
she talks in
twisted biscuits
and fumphfarumphfary
Jimmy, Johnny
Patsy, Pauline
the whole class
whinny and wicker
like tickled horses
The underwear
all purple and yellow
is not her own
She can’t imagine why
she’s wearing it
with orange galoshes
and fluffy wuffy furbelows
Lizzie, Linda
Brian, Bob
the whole class
hoot and halloo
like crazy chimpanzees
The dream
all dummy crummy
is not her own
Though she wouldn’t believe it
if you told her
dreamers everywhere squirm
in the same tongue-tied misery
before a howdy rowdy crowd
Except their underwear is always