The Boy Who Cried Alien
Illustrated by: Brian Biggs
Published by: Disney-Hyperion, 2012
Copyright © Marilyn Singer 2012

The Boy Who Cried Alien


A sleepy town

A quiet lake

A flash…


A boy sees the crash landing.  Not just any boy.  Larry the Liar.

I told my friends that Dad’s a secret agent guy

out searching for the lost world of Atlantis.

That Mom was bitten by a bat and thinks she’ll fly.

Her favorite foods are moth and praying mantis.

I told my class that Bigfoot’s prowling ’round the school.

He really likes to shower in the gym.

The reason why he won’t bathe in the swimming pool

is ’cause a whale arrived ahead of him.

And now a spaceship’s landed in Malarkey Lake.

It looks just like a giant gold-capped tooth.

It’s over there and I can swear it’s not a fake.

What could I say that’s stranger than the truth?


As Larry watches, a pair of unhappy aliens emerge from their ship…


Tapuk tocker, on eorm sag.

Yo yev!  Thoos em won

nhew eh kooks ni eht earagg,

Pop lilw eavh a zon.