Illustrated by: Alexandra Boiger

Published by: Clarion, 2018

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Copyright © Marilyn Singer 2018

Tallulah’s Ice Skates


Tallulah loved ballet class.  But today she was glad when her lesson was finished.  Bluegill Pond was frozen over at last, and she and her friend, Kacie, were going skating!

Kacie was better at tap than Tallulah.  Tallulah was better at ballet.  But I’m sure we’re both great at skating, she said to herself, smoothing down her red velvet skirt.  After all, skating’s a lot like dancing.  Her skirt wasn’t quite as special as her tutu, but it would twirl beautifully when she did her perfect spin—which she planned to do that very day.  If we practice enough, we might even get to be in an ice show.

“Are you ready already?” asked her brother, Beckett.

“Yes!” Tallulah said.  “Let’s go!”