Illustrated by: Stephanie Roth
Published by: Knopf, 2004
Copyright © Marilyn Singer 2004

Block Party Today!


The first Saturday in June, the sun comes up smiling on Berkeley Place.

“Block party today.” Mr. Monte hums. “Time to sweep the sidewalk.”

“Block party today.” Steve and Ernie yawn. “Time to hang the banner.”

“Block party today.” Mercedes beams. “Time to bring out the tables and set out the grill.”

“Block party today!” shout Yasmin and Sue. “No cars! No trucks! Time to run in the street! Time to play double Dutch.”

“Isn’t Lola going to join us?” asks Yasmin.

“Maybe, if she ever stops being mad,” answers Sue.

But Lola doesn’t plan to stop being mad. Ever. She’s better than they are at jump rope. She’s better–and they should have let her jump first.

She will not leave her bedroom. She will not leave her bed. “Block party today, yuck!” she grumps. “Time to stay inside all day long.” She pulls the blanket over her head.