Marilyn Singer, Author
The Superheroes Employment Agency

Illustrated by: Noah Z. Jones
Published by: Clarion
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Blunder Woman

C.E.O. of the Superheroes Employment Agency

Wherever I worked,

assisted, or clerked,

without lifting a hand,

by a mental command,

I’d make hard drives expire

and planes go haywire.

I might flatten a tire

or ignite a small fire

to watch villains perspire

as I wrecked their empire

through each deliberate error

(my sly reign of terror).

I was never detected.

I was never respected.

I protected good folk–

but I nearly went broke.


So I began this agency

for superheroes just like me:

outclassed, outranked, unsung,

standing on the second rung.

Now we’re proud and confident

(and I can pay my monthly rent).







Copyright © 2012 by Marilyn Singer

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