Marilyn Singer, Author
STAY TRUE: Short Stories for Strong Girls

Published by: Scholastic, Inc.
Awards: Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, 2000 (YALSA). New York Public Library's "Best Books for the Teen Age, 1999."
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STAY TRUE: Short Stories for Strong Girls

(Table of Contents)

Taking Toll

by Marion De Booy Wentzien

Miranda has gotten rid of all of Mom’s boyfriends, but Albert C. Cooksley is more of a challenge.

Building Bridges

by Andrea Davis Pinkney

Bebe wants to spend the summer working on the Brooklyn Bridge, but Mama Lil thinks she should be helping out at a hairdresser’s instead.

Guess Who’s Back in Town, Dear?

by M.E. Kerr

Tory and Horacio defy convention and family to find happiness.

Going Fishing

by Norma Fox Mazer

Big-footed, big-voiced, big-herself Grace gets a glimpse of future independence.

The Transformations of Cindy R.

by Anne Mazer

Cinderella, as you’ve never seen her before.

Crazy as a Daisy

Rita Williams-Garcia

Marguerite’s a dancing fool–who’s no fool at all!

The Pale Mare

by Marian Flandrick Bray

At the charreada corral, Consuela takes a stand for a horse–and for herself.

The Truth in the Case of Eliza Mary Muller, by Herself

by Peni Griffin

Eliza Mary confrontation with her abusive brother-in-law has tragic results.

The Statue of Liberty Factory

by Jennifer Armstrong

Her parents reneged on a promised trip to Paris. Now Monica’s protesting!

Stay True

by Drew Lamm

Growing up drives Molly-be-Gone and Stick-Person-Girl apart. Can they save their friendship?

The Magic Bow

by Marilyn Singer

Can a princess find a husband who’s really her equal?




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