Marilyn Singer, Author

Illustrated by: Gris Grimly
Published by: Hyperion Books
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Frankenstein’s Monster

They gave me some bolts,
They gave me some jolts.
They gave me a great deal of fame.
They gave me a bride,
And even some pride.
But they never did give me a name.
I'm called Frankenstein,
But it's his name - not mine.
And the two of us aren't the same.
I'd rather be Bud
Or Wolfgang or Spud,
Or something not nearly so lame
As the handle that stuck--
What a bad piece of luck!
And all of you folks are to blame!
No wonder I'm cranky -  
Stop calling me Frankie!
Won't somebody give me a name!




Copyright © 2001 by Marilyn Singer

Copyright © 2018 - Marilyn Singer, Author