Marilyn Singer, Author
MAKE ME OVER: 11 Original Stories About Transforming Ourselves

Published by: Dutton Children's Books
Awards: New York Public Library's "Best Books for the Teen Age, 2006."
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MAKE ME OVER: 11 Original Stories About Transforming Ourselves

(Table of Contents)

Some People Call Me Maurice

by Joyce Sweeney

Michael (aka Maurice in French Club) has a thing for Amelia (aka Angelique)–but no nerve to tell her so. Until he becomes French for one blissful afternoon…

Not Much to It

by Rene Saldana, Jr.

Chela and the cool girls let Becky into their circle because she was so good with their hair. Now she’s working at a salon. Has she changed? Has Chela?

Bedhead Red, Peekaboo Pink

by Marilyn Singer

Can an ugly guy finally get a date? Well, maybe–if she’s blind and he lies a lot.. But even then things aren’t so simple for Tom who has a little thing called a conscience.

Vision Quest

by Peni Griffin

Elizabeth sets out on a quest to find herself and her totem animal in the wilds of San Antonio, Texas with surprising results.

Wabi’s Ears

by Joseph Bruchac

Can a young owl find happiness with a beautiful, but finicky Native American girl? Stranger things have happened!

Honestly, Truthfully

by Terry Trueman

One morning Kyle decides to make himself over from a liar to…well…NOT a liar–a path that lands him in more trouble he’d ever thought possible.

The Resurrection

by Jess Mowry

Corey’s life and his neighborhood change dramatically when Sniffles, a street kid, moves in and the old funeral home next door reopens for business.

Bazooka Joe and the Chaos Kid

by Norma Howe

Chaos rules in Frank Marvelli’s house. Then along come Jenna and Mr. Shreve’s photography class. How long can disorder continue to reign?

The Plan

by Marina Budhos

Victor’s mother is constantly changing jobs and homes, and taking Victor along for the ride. But when she moves them to L.A. and has them pose as show biz siblings, it is the last straw.

Lucky Six

by Evelyn Coleman

Weekdays, Jamillah is a student. Weekends, she sings in the church choir. But at night, she’s an exotic dancer. She’s saving up money for a new makeover for herself and her five homeless siblings. Can she do it?


by Margaret Peterson Haddix

When Anna’s village is destroyed, she makes her way across the ocean to Ellis Island and to a childhood friend whom she may or may not marry.




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