Marilyn Singer, Author

Illustrated by: Gris Grimly
Published by: Hyperion Books for Children
Awards: Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award Honor Book, 2004.
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Thousands of miles
	from the fair Loch Ness banks,
Swimming in one
	of the world's largest tanks,
(You can feed her some fishes,
	but don't expect thanks)
This way to our greatest attraction!
Is she chartreuse
	or is she vermilion?
Is she amphibious?
	Is she reptilian?
Is she just one--
	or just one in a million?
She stirs up a major reaction!
Holding her breath?
	She can do it with ease.
(Though there is some concern
	if she happens to sneeze.)
Stay away from the edge
	and no flash pictures, please.
You might glimpse the tiniest fraction.
	(No refunds for dissatisfaction.)
This way to see Nessie in action!




Copyright © 2004 by Marilyn Singer

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