Marilyn Singer, Author

Published by: EarlyLight Books
Awards: National Science Teachers Association Outstanding Science Trade Book, 2012
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Caterpillars smooth,

Caterpillars hairy.

Munching in a giant bunch,

Lunching solitary.

Caterpillars still,

Caterpillars crawling.

Weaving through the twigs and leaves,

Hanging without falling.

Caterpillars plain,

Caterpillars glowing.

Casting off their last tight skin.

Every day they’re growing.

Caterpillars brave,

Caterpillars rearing.

Hiding on a tree outside,

Sometimes disappearing.

Caterpillars waiting

Inside a new disguise.

Strangely changing, rearranging

Right before our eyes,

Soon on wings they’ll rise,

Straight into the skies,

To spend their hours finding flowers—

New moths and butterflies!




Copyright © 2011 by Marilyn Singer

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