Interviews with Marilyn

“Sidelights Sketch” from Something About the Author, Vols. 80 & 125

“Marilyn Singer is an award-winning author of children’s books in a wide variety of genres, including fiction and nonfiction picture books, juvenile novels and mysteries, young adult fantasies, and poetry. Among her many characters are a dog who insists he is not a dog, an armadillo, a young heart surgery patient, obsessive Lizzie Silver, Stryker the poltergeist, twin detectives named Sam and Dave–even a dog detective. ‘People often ask me why I write so many different kinds of things,’ Singer commented in an essay for the Something about the Author Autobiography Series (SAAS). ‘I tell them it’s because I have so many different parts to my personality, and each part has a different way of expressing itself. I tell them too that I like to challenge myself so that I’ll never be bored.'”


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