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“I hope that everyone can take a few minutes to enjoy the remarks of my blog guest today, Marilyn Singer.  She has much to offer and has managed to be concise and helpful at the same time by first responding to six questions and then suggesting 10 tips for writing poetry.  She threw one of the questions back to me so I have a response in there too.  This is the kind of information you’ll want to refer back to from time to time. My thanks to Marilyn.  Without further ado, read on.”

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Marilyn Singer, wiser in her books

“Marilyn Singer describes herself as a curious person—an accurate description when you consider the more than 50 children’s books she has written, including poetry, fairy tales, picture books, novels, mysteries, and nonfiction on a wide variety of topics.  ‘I like being called versatile,’ says Singer.  ‘I like that I write on lots of different things.'”

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“Sidelights Sketch” from Something About the Author, Vols. 80 & 125

“Marilyn Singer is an award-winning author of children’s books in a wide variety of genres, including fiction and nonfiction picture books, juvenile novels and mysteries, young adult fantasies, and poetry. Among her many characters are a dog who insists he is not a dog, an armadillo, a young heart surgery patient, obsessive Lizzie Silver, Stryker the poltergeist, twin detectives named Sam and Dave–even a dog detective. ‘People often ask me why I write so many different kinds of things,’ Singer commented in an essay for the Something about the Author Autobiography Series (SAAS). ‘I tell them it’s because I have so many different parts to my personality, and each part has a different way of expressing itself. I tell them too that I like to challenge myself so that I’ll never be bored.'”


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