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Celebrating Marilyn Singer: A Poet of Many Interests

Marilyn Singer is the 2015 winner of the NCTE Excellence in Poetry for Children Award, joining a distinguished group of poets that NCTE has recognized since 1977.  She has published over 100 books for children and young adults in different genres, including 30 poetry collections (with several more in progress or forthcoming in 2016).  Her work tackles a wide variety of topics— US presidents, animals, astronomy, meteorology, celebrations— and poetic formats— triolets, cinquains, villanelles, and sonnets.  She even created her own poetic format, the reverso.  Her work has won numerous awards and has been placed on many notable book lists.  We were fortunate to interview her and hear about her writing quirks (e.g. printing her poems on yellow legal pads), her creative process (writing anywhere— coffee shops, parks, doctors’ offices, the subway), and her evolution as a writer.  We invite you to learn more about Marilyn Singer, a fascinating and talented poet who is always learning and growing in her craft.

Click here to read this article, by Nancy L. Hadaway and Terrell Young, from Language Arts.

Five Questions for Marilyn Singer in the Horn Book

Marilyn Singer had already demonstrated considerable versatility of poetic talents when in 2010 she debuted a new verse form in Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse (6–10 years, Dutton). This year she is back with a companion, Follow Follow: A Book of Reverso Poems (6–10 years, Dial; both books illustrated by Josée Masse), in which another cast of folkloric characters get the “reverso” treatment.

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Spicy Reads: An Interview with Marilyn Singer

At the Anderson Bookstore Children’s Literature breakfast extravaganza, I was able to steal Marilyn Singer away to speak with me about poetry and students and teachers and caterpillars (among others). Marilyn has published over 100 books for students of all ages. She is delightful. If this video captures even a fragment of her charm, viewers will run out and buy multiple copies of all her books!

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