Illustrated by: Nancy Carpenter

Published by: Little Brown, 2018

Awards: NCSS-CBC Notable, 2019

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Copyright © Marilyn Singer 2018

Have You Heard About Lady Bird?


First Ladies

We know Eleanor Roosevelt, Abigail Adams,

but what about those other madams–

the many First Ladies of our nation

who held that most demanding station

from our country’s uncertain conception

right up to the present day.

Those women who knew how to host a reception,

how much or how little to say.

The ones who welcomed public life,

or chose to hide away.

Who fought for causes on their own,

or preferred to stay behind the throne.

How many have we read about or even recall?

Julia Tyler? Florence Harding?

It’s time to meet them all.

Video Title: Virtual School Program: Have You Heard About Lady Bird?