Illustrated by: Julie Colombet

Published by: Millbrook/Lerner, 2019

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Copyright © Marilyn Singer 2019

Hair! Animal Fur, Wool, and More


Were you a hairy baby?  When you were born, did you have a head full of curls or straight locks?  Or were you as bald as a melon?

How about before you were born?  Were you hairy then?

Yes!  Whether or not you had hair on your head, before you were born, you a had a mustache.  That mustache spread all over your body, turning into fine hair known as lanugo.  It combined with a waxy coating to protect your skin from the fluid you were floating in.  Lanugo usually disappears before babies are born, but sometimes it takes a few days or even weeks before it disappears completely.

As you got older, you grew other kinds of hair, some of it finer and some of it thicker.  It means one important thing:  you are a mammal!