Illustrated by: Josée Masse

Published by: Dial/Penguin, 2016

Awards: NCTE Notable Book; NYPL Best Books of the Year; SLJ Best Books of the Year

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Copyright © Marilyn Singer 2016

Echo Echo: Reverso Poems about Greek Myths


An Age of Marvelous Myths

Ancient Greece:

An age of marvelous myths,

gone, but not forgotten.

Heroes that rise and fall.

Deep winter’s hardship,

summer’s harvest.

Gods who bring about

chaos and order.


fragrant flowers,




People turned to

these curious stories.

How else to explain

such wonders

when the world was young?


When the world was young,

such wonders!

How else to explain

these curious stories:

people turned to




fragrant flowers,


Chaos and order.

Gods who bring about

summer’s harvest,

deep winter’s hardship.

Heroes that rise and fall,

gone, but not forgotten.

An age of marvelous myths:

Ancient Greece.