Illustrated by: Edwin Fotheringham

Published by: Dial/Penguin, 2021

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Copyright © Marilyn Singer 2021



Charley, Katey, and Mamie Dickens were not fond of Grip the raven.  The bird chased them around the house.  She bit their ankles.  She chipped off paint to eat.  But the children’s father adored the raven.  He was Charles Dickens, the most famous writer in all of Great Britain.  He’d already published four popular novels, first as installments in magazines and then as books.  Even Queen Victoria was a big fan.

In Victorian England, people had many pets besides cats and dogs, especially birds.  Today it is illegal to keep wild birds.  But back then, people caught or purchased them to keep in cages.  Wealthier folks sometimes bought exotic species such as parrots or mynahs.  Charles Dickens chose ravens.