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Celebrating National Poetry Month with Marilyn Singer

As the inventor of reverso poetry and the author of numerous books of poems, Marilyn Singer is a poster child for National Poetry Month. “Usually, when April rolls around, I get to celebrate poetry by doing interviews, Skype visits with schools, and sometimes bookstore appearances,” the award-winning author and poet says.

Singer has been writing poetry since third grade. Often she will recite one of her first poems, “My Ocean Fright,” when making presentations. “I think that even with its problematic grammar, it gives an indication of some of my early interests in language, humor, love of animals, and imagination.” That love of language, nature, and imagination grew as the years passed, and Singer became an English teacher in order to share her appreciation of language with young people.

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Worlds Awaiting, BYU Radio Interview, PT. 2

“Tallulah decided she’d better pay attention. 

She watched closely. 

She turned her feet and curved her hands near her hips in first position. 

She bent her knees in a plié. She did it perfectly. 

I am an excellent ballerina, she thought.”

Hundreds of children know and love this story about Tallulah, a young ballet student, although, it may be new to you. Today we’ll acquaint ourselves with the author of the book series, “Tallulah.” Her name is Marilyn Singer.  She’s known for touching a variety of subjects in her books – from animals to schools to aliens! She has also invented a thing-a-ma-jig that she calls a “reverso” poem. Singer is the winner of the 2015 National Council of Teachers of English Award for Excellence in Poetry. She has over 100 books to her credit.

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How to Make up a Bedtime Story, According to a Children’s Author

Parents, relatives, babysitters: you know the deal. A bedtime story is a favorite part of most kids’ pre-sleep routines. But in order to capture a child’s imagination, as well as teach them a lesson without revving them up so much that they want to leap out from under the covers, requires one to follow a precise recipe.

Brooklyn-based writer, Marilyn Singer, understands the formula better than most. She’s the award-winning author of more than 100 children’s books including “Mirror Mirror,” “City Lullaby,” and the “Tallulah” series, and her books frequently appear on “best” lists by Time Magazine and The New York Times. Singer also provides advice for aspiring children’s books writers on her website. We spoke to Singer over email in order to get some basic bedtime story advice so that any intrepid parents out there who want to concoct some tales for their children and give bedtime a bit more of a personal touch.

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Worlds Awaiting, BYU Radio Interview

Where does creative inspiration come from? Listen to Marilyn on BYU Radio’s “Worlds Awaiting” talk about her inspiration when creating a book. Known for touching on a variety of subjects – from animals to schools to aliens – she’s also invented a thing-a-ma-jig called a “reverso”poem. Marilyn is the winner of the 2015 National Council of Teachers of English Award for Excellence in Poetry. She has over 100 books to her credit. She’s also the creator of five picture books featuring Tallulah, a young ballet student.

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Chicago Public Library’s Author of the Month

a magical world
created long ago.

Created long ago,
a magical world

Flip your idea of poetry and Greek myths upside down with award-winning author, poet, inventor of reverso poetry and April’s Author of the Month, Marilyn Singer. In her third book of reverso poetry, Echo Echo, Singer breathes new life into 12 familiar myths of god, goddesses and mortals from ancient Greece.

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Spotlight on Marilyn Singer on Today’s Little Ditty

Marilyn Singer is an award-winning author of over 100 fiction and nonfiction books for children and young adults, including poetry, picture books, and novels. She writes to satisfy her wide-ranging interests and has been recognized extensively for her work in multiple genres.  In 2015, Marilyn joined a prestigious group of children’s poets as the latest recipient of the NCTE Excellence in Poetry for Children Award.  Here, she describes her response to the news of receiving that distinguished award:

It’s the one award I really, really hoped to win someday. Poetry is and always has been my favorite thing to write. I feel deeply honored by the award—and by the company I’m in, which includes many of my favorite poets.

Language Arts, Volume 93, Number 1, September 2015, © 2015 NCTE 

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