Illustrated by: Marie-Louise Gay
Published by: Clarion, 2001
Awards: A Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" Book, 2002. A Children's Literature Choice Book, 2002.
Copyright © Marilyn Singer 2001

Didi and Daddy on the Promenade


Sunday morning, Didi jumps on Daddy’s bed.

“Wake!” she says.

“Sleep.” He yawns.

“Out!” she shouts.

“Pants!” he cries, tugging on his clothes.

She dashes outside.

“Didi, go slow!”

But Didi says, “No!”

She’s in a hurry to get to the best place on earth.

She’s in a hurry to get to the Promenade.


What will she see today?

A blue car? A yellow car?

A ship with a flag?

“Truck!” Didi yells. “Big, white truck!”

“Boat,” says Daddy. “Fat red boat.”

“Vroom! Zoom!” roars Didi.

“Wide glide,” says Daddy.

Side by side they pretend to ride. Then Didi speeds ahead.

“Didi, go slow!”

But Didi says, “No!”

Down the path she rumbles. Down the lively Promenade.